viernes, 21 de octubre de 2011

Thursday October 20 – Homework Again

                I did homework, worked out, and went to the API office to print off my plane tickets to Italy.

Wednesday October 19 – Doing Homework for a Long Time

                I did homework for a long time today, but Trevor called me to see if I wanted to play tennis and of course I could not turn that down. We walked to the park but all the tennis courts were being used at the time so we went to the rugby field and did volleys and after awhile of that we played Frisbee. It was not the most exciting day ever but it was a very productive day.

Tuesday October 18 – First Day that Felt like School

                Today felt like I was actually in school because I did a group project in the evening and it was dark when we left the school. I also am enjoying my group projects so far because in my translation class I have a born Spanish speaker so she knows the words that we need to translate from English to Spanish for our project. My 20th Century Spanish literature group has a girl that is VERY organized, close to OCD level, but it is good because she makes things happen and does a lot of the work. I hope this keeps up this way.

Monday October 17 – Booking Italy

                After lunch I spent the entire day working on a trip to Italy. I am going with Adam and this is the plan so far: bus to Sevilla, plane to Venice, train to Milan, train to Ancona, train to Rome, plane to Sevilla. It is a trip from Thursday night to late Wednesday night of the next week, six days total. So far we have booked the two flights and three nights of hostels for 230 Euros which as of today it converts to $316.13. We still have to add in the cost of the trains and food but on a positive note I have two nights of free stay and free food in Ancona, where my former Italian roommates live. They were very helpful with the process of finding a place for us to stay. There was a group of girls for API that went to Italy last week, I asked if they bought their train tickets before hand and they said they just looked up the information on their computer where they were in Italy and went to the station and bought them, so I think that is what we are going to do for the train tickets. I looked up those prices and it will be around 200 Euros for the train tickets to everywhere.

Sunday October 16 – Nothing Much

                All I did today was mess around and do nothing, it felt very American like but I want to try not to do that again. I did get to Skype my family that was nice to see them.

Saturday October 15 – Day of Reading

                For my 20th century literature class we had to read San Manuel Bueno, mártir. I just switched to that class on Monday afternoon, it starts at 8:30 in the morning, I had the same class but it was at 4:00 and I wanted to have it earlier. We had a day off Wednesday so I only had the class on Friday, the teacher had assigned the book on Monday, and therefore I had to read all of it over the weekend. There are 168 pages but the main part of the book starts on page 115 and I did not have to read that stuff before the main part. I started reading it and there were a lot of words that I did not know and I did not understand it at all so I looked up an overview of the book and it started to make more sense. I am also practicing reading out loud to work on my pronunciation of words and it has actually been helping me understand it better. I am starting to enjoy reading it because I can slightly understand it and I have been learning a lot of new words.
                My American friends that I met in Lagos, Portugal, but study in Córdoba came with their program on a visit of Granada so I met up with them and we went to El Camborio. They left early, around 3:00, because they had to get up in the morning. I made friends with a Spanish girl and we talked Spanish in the discoteca and I was very happy because I can now have a conversation in Spanish with loud music everywhere.