lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

Sunday October 9 – Tour of Chechaouén

                The city of Chechaouén is the prettiest city that we visited in Morocco and the most interesting I think because every house is blue. The walls, door, and even some streets and stairs are painted blue five times a year. The blue represents the love of God and there was a lot of blue so I think there had to be a lot of God’s love there too. There was another handmade carpet store that the tour guide took us to again and they had very reasonable prices for the carpets of the same quality and size, 30 Euro for the same size at the other place. We had some bananas there and they were probably the best bananas that I have had and I would like to say that pictures of Morocco just do not do it justice.
                On our way back across the border, the people not from the European Union or ones with visas had to get off the bus and get a special stamp in their passports. I waited for some people from my API group and when we got out of the building that had the stamp the bus was taking off. We quickly ran after it and got it to stop, the people thought it was funny and the leader said that they were just pulling forward but when you are an American student in Africa your first thought is to get the bus’s attention. I know I would not want to stay there without a leader. The bus ride back seemed shorter so that was good because I believe we were all tired.

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