viernes, 21 de octubre de 2011

Friday October 14 – Weekend in Granada

                I enjoyed my classes today, except it was my first time in my 20th century literature class and I found out that I have to buy five books that we will be reading in class, which is not the bad part because it will not be expensive. The bad part is that I have to read one over the weekend because she assigned it in class on Monday and I was not enrolled in that time yet. After class I got the names of a bunch of intercambios from the CLM office so I can better my Spanish speaking ability.
                I walked around Granada trying to find their library, it took me a very long to find it. I wanted to go there to see if they had they books I need for class so I could just rent instead of buy them. They had a few that I needed but then I had to fill out a paper for a library card and I needed the book tonight so I could read it over the weekend for class therefore I just decided not to do that. I went back to Atlántida, the bookstore I was at yesterday, and bought four of the five books I needed, they did not have the last one that we are going to read. All the books cost 30.23 Euros which is so much cheaper than one textbook in the US, I think I should just go to college here; it would be a whole lot cheaper!
                After dinner Adam asked if I wanted to go get tapas with him and a girl he met that was from Chile. I said sure and we met her and her friend, James who was also from Chile, at the Plaza de Torros; her name was Fernanda. We walked to a bar where we met two friends of James who were both from the Czech Republic; there was a guy, Lukás, and a girl, Klára. We all spoke Spanish and they tried to speak some English but they had a limited vocabulary. I could understand all of them very easily, James said that Chileans do not have an accent and are very easy for all Spanish speaking countries to understand and after last night I find that to be true. It was very fun spending a whole night speaking Spanish; I hope the Spaniards I added on Facebook reply so I can do that more often.

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