jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011

Monday October 3 – Passed the Class

                I looked online today and found out that I passed the class; I am now in level 7 of 9, which is high enough to take Hispanic Studies. This is great because now I do not have to worry if my credits will work for my major.
                A few API guys went to a cement soccer field and played against some 14 year old or so Spaniards. We won pretty easily but there was on kid that was pretty good. After that I booked a hostel for Adam and me to stay in at Córdoba for 16 Euros a person and the bus ticket will only be about 25 round trip so this should be a pretty cheap two day trip tomorrow.
                After dinner a group went to get tapas and there were 6 new people that were coming through API that came with us. They were all from the east and west coast, there are not many people from the Midwest on this trip.

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