lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011

Friday September 30 – Leaving for Lagos, Portugal

                We booked our trip through Discover Granada, a travel agency for students but it was pretty expensive, 139 Euros plus another 30 Euros for the bus trip. The bus trip took seven hours and the left side of the bus, my side, had broken air conditioning so I was sweating the entire time and did not sleep with only two hours of sleep the night before. We stayed at a four star hotel about a five to ten minute walk to the beach. The set up in the rooms was really cool.
The beach had a bunch of cliffs and it was very pretty, the waves were big and they were knocking people over. A few of us swam around a cliff which was fun, hard and slightly scary at the same time because the waves were fun, but it was difficult to swim in and we had to make sure we did not get too close to the cliff. On the other side of the cliff there were just more beautiful sights, we decided not to swim back around the cliff but instead climb up it and that was easier. After the beach we went and swam in the pools at the hotel before showering. The showers there had the removable shower head and I had the faucet pressure on full when I switched it to the shower head. That was not good because the force of the water made the shower head go from pointing down to directly backwards and making a mess.
For dinner I had Portuguese, which I am not sure how to describe but it did not seem much different from regular fancy food. I could not figure out what their signature food was. It was a fairly expensive meal and it was the first place in Europe that I have been to that put food on the table and if you touch it you pay for it. We knew that was the case but we were hungry so we ate it anyway. After dinner there was a really good street performer that was able to speak many different languages and got the crowd involved with his act. He did a bunch of juggling and was really, really funny. He even rode a five foot or so unicycle.
After that we went to a bar and had a drink before we went to the Gran Café, a club that the travel agency included in the price, they also gave us two small drinks for when we were at the club. It was small and fun but not as much fun as I have had before at a club in Europe. I got to bed around 3:00.

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