lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011

Saturday October 1 – Lagos Day 2

                There was a big breakfast buffet with eggs and other breakfast meats, I had one of everything one the buffet, it was so nice to be full at breakfast. I made a sandwich from the buffet to take with me for lunch but I did not know that you could not leave with food so one of the staff made me leave it.
                The bus took us to another pretty area that had lots of cliffs and caves and you could walk out a ways in the water because there were a bunch of rocks that were there to walk on. We only stayed for thirty minutes because we went to different beach for the day. This beach was huge and it was very, very windy. We played soccer and through soccer I met some Americans that were studying in Córdoba, which is perfect because I was planning to visit there after Lagos because I have a class break until this Thursday. After soccer we went to wash off the sand and the waves were even bigger and stronger than yesterday, one knocked me over and flipped me around near the shore. That was fun and scary and I swallowed a lot of salt water. The water was surprisingly warm. We then started a game of American football; I loved playing it because I had not played it for the longest time. Nearly the entire API group went back to the hotel but I wanted to stay so I spent the rest of the beach time with the group from Córdoba. I also left the beach for a little bit to walk to see a replica boat of the one that found India, I thought it would be cooler but it was still fun walking a short ways to see it. I was happy at the end of the beach day that I had only been slightly burned, no pain just slightly itchy burn.
                After we got cleaned up, they took us to “The End of the World” to watch the sunset on the ocean. It was a really weird site seeing the sun go behind only water, it was very pretty as well. We then returned to go eat, this time we ate at a burger place called Nahnahbah, it had one of the top 50 burgers in the world and of course it was really good.
                For this night’s club we went to Joe’s Garage, again it was small but fun, but was only open until 2:00 so we walked to another that was free called Inside Out and it was small as well. We stayed up until 5:00.

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