lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

Saturday October 8 – Tour of Tétouan and Tanger

                Our guide took us around the city of Tétouan and showed us the cultural aspects of the city and less of the touristic items. He gave us a lot of good information that I found interesting. I loved walking through the street markets; it was lively, full of life and completely unsanitary. There were chickens in tiny cases, meat hanging out in the sun, and cats running around for scraps of food, but it was so cool to walk in that area. We went to a restaurant that had traditional Moroccan food; there was also music and a man that did intense moves while balancing a platter with about ten candles and a pot of tea on his head. He ran at people, stopped and kept it on his head; he also put his hand on the floor, did not move it but move the rest of his body in a circle around it with the platter on his head.
                We headed to Tanger, but we made a stop where the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea meet. There were some people selling items and I saw a shot glass, but when I asked how much he said ten Euros, I got him down to four but he would not go lower so I left. I returned later to renegotiate, this time he said 20 Euros, I got him back to four but once again he would not go lower so I walked away again. Then I came back later and tried buying a bracelet with the shot glass for seven Euros but he would not do that so I gave up. When the bus was about to leave he signaled through the window that he would do two shot glasses for five Euros which was still expensive but we had to leave so I did not buy one there.
When we arrived in Tanger, we got a tour and also went to a place that handmade rugs. The rugs were very good quality but they wanted a couple hundred Euros for about a three foot by two foot. They did not want to negotiate prices very much so no one got anything there.  I also took a ride on a camel that had one hump, which are called Dromedaries, it was a short ride for a Euro but it was fun since I cannot remember a time that I have been on a camel. We got to go to other shops and do some haggling, these shops were better but not great, although I did find my shot glass, he wanted 2.50 Euros but I asked for two just because I wanted it so badly and he agreed. We got back to our hotel, ate, and then went to bed because we had to get up at 6:00 Moroccan time the next morning.

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