jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011

Tuesday October 4 – Going to Córdoba

                I got up on time to make it to the bus station on time for the 8:30 bus to Córdoba, but did not plan on it making so many stops since it was during the week in the morning when people were trying to get to work. Adam and I made it on time though to buy the ticket but we were in a rush and I accidentally put my debit card in the slot for the money and there it became stuck. So we went to the help desk and they said that the machine people did not get in until 10:00, therefore Adam asked if he could exchange the ticket that he had bought for the 10:30 bus but little did we know that he was not paying attention to the time he pushed on the machine. His ticket was for 10:30 so that was a relief and we decided we should wait by the machine that had my card and wait for the machine people. We let one man use the machine that had my card and he was going to pay with cash and when he pushed the pay with cash button my card popped out. I did not lose, damage, or have to wait for the machine people to get my card. I proceeded to but my ticket for the 10:30 bus so everything worked itself out. The bus that we took there cost a couple extra Euros because it was a special bus with internet, a movie and radio and we got some snacks and water. I slept most of the way there.
                When we arrived in Córdoba, Maurine and Kim, two girls I met at Portugal were waiting for us and they walked us to our hostel which only cost 16 Euros each and was called Funky Córdoba. The hostel was actually very nice except they did not provide towels for the shower, but overall it was safe and clean.
                We waited at a plaza for more girls that were friends of the girls that I had met in Portugal. While waiting an extremely obese man was trying to hand out flyers and so when he came to us I covered my face to pretend to not notice him, but Maurine did not and he gave her a flyer that she did not want the he turned to me and started poking the flyer through my fingers. Maurine took it and then the man handed her one at a time about six more, she did not want them so she put them on the bench she was sitting on and that made the man unhappy so he picked them up and tried to put them in her purse she grabbed them and just held on to them until he left then returned them to a booth that had them.
                The girls had to go to class so we walked with them and saw where they went to school and it was a bit more modern than the Center of Modern Languages (CLM) where I go to in Granada. Adam and I went sightseeing around Córdoba and ended up going to Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos (The Castle of Christian Monarchs) it was pretty and had a very big garden with lots of long fountains. After that we went back to the hostel took a short nap and went to eat while our friends were with their mandatory intercambio meeting (practicing Spanish with native speakers), we ate at El Rincón de Carmen and I had curry chicken with rice.
                Finally we met up with them and we went back to their host family’s house because they wanted to change before going out. Their host dad is a urologist and makes a lot of money they have a four level apartment with a basement that has Roman ruins and the roof has a pool and overlooks The Castle of Christian Monarchs. Their host dad also has a huge office in the house, he was very nice, and the house was unreal. I did not know that type of thing existed in Spain. After they changed and we had a house tour we went to their botellón which was much less impressive than ours although to their defense it was a Tuesday night. After that we went to the opening of a club called Munsoll and Adam bought some vodka and lemon and they gave him a watch, he finished that one and got another and gave me the second watch so now I have a watch for the first time in a very long time.

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