lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

Friday October 7 – Trip to Morocco

                I had one class Friday at 10:30 to 12:30 and it was probably my favorite class that I have had so far in Spain. The teacher is very fun and nice and she is not intimidating like one of my last ones.
                We left for Morocco at about 1:30, picked up some more people in Málaga, then went to Algeciras to get on a ferry to cross the Mediterranean Sea over to the continent of Africa but our ferry too us to Ceuta which is part of Spain but in Africa. From there, we got on another bus that took us to the border of Morocco, which took a long time to get through and we saw a few sketchy things, such as, this one car with a couple guys in it got out and started pushing their car. They then proceeded to take these big plastic bags out to the trunk that were tightly packed, run over to a slot between these certain buildings on the side and toss them in there. After they were done with moving three or four from the trunk they took another two of the same looking bags out of the hood of the car and did they same, after that they hopped back in their car and drove in like they did nothing.
                When we had finally crossed the border we picked up our tour guide, who spoke many different languages but was hard to understand him in any of them. He spoke in English some of the time and Spanish some of the other, he told us that people in Morocco said he looks like Michael Douglas, which I am not so sure that he looked like him. He taught us how to say thank you in Arabic, but I obviously can’t spell it correctly so I will write it how it sounds: show crahm.We drove to our hotel, Hotel Elyacouta, in Tétouan but before we arrived he was talking about the culture of men kissing men on the cheeks and how he had three wives and was looking for a fourth. Everyone thought he was joking until he started asking individual women on the bus if they were married or had a boyfriend and then it was awkward, even for me, for awhile. He asked if anyone wanted to be Michael Douglas’s Catherine Zeta Jones. When we got off the bus Katheryn said that our guide said he liked her color, she is partially black but it made her feel awkward I believe.
                In Morocco we cannot drink the water or use it for brushing our teeth, we can only shower and wash our hands with it. I was worried I might accidentally drink when I was brushing my teeth, but I did not. Moroccan time is two hours less than Spanish time so after I showered I went to bed at 10:00 Moroccan time because I was tired and we had to get up at 7:00.

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