sábado, 12 de noviembre de 2011

Friday November 11 – 11/11/11 Lucky/ Ultimate Wish Day/ Midterm #3

                Today has been a great day, I think I did well on my Spanish Civilization and Culture midterm and finished about 45 minutes early, my second class we got out 30 minutes early, and my third class we were not given any homework. Outside is absolutely amazing, very nice weather, no need for a jacket.
                Jazmin had some friends over tonight and they had a hard accent to understand at first, they had a sleep over. There was one of them that was very nice and always trying to make conversation, even with our bad Spanish skills. Trevor’s family is in Spain right now so we went to Catedral to have a drink with them and it was his younger sister’s birthday so we went to Camborio, she turned 18.

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