miércoles, 16 de noviembre de 2011

Tuesday November 15 – Midterm #4/ House to Myself

                Today I had my translation midterm and it was pretty easy I believe, but it took a long time and I had the whole thing translated with thirty minutes to go. Unfortunately, I had to write it all down on a final copy paper and it took me the rest of the time and I did not do it very well.
                My Spanish family went out to eat for dinner tonight and Kevin and Caroline went to bars with their friends but I wanted to study and go to bed early since I have a test and leave for Barcelona on Thursday. I stayed in and it was weird having no one else in the house, I watched “Modern Family” and “Aquí no hay quien vive” (No one lives here) and I think it was supposed to be a funny show but they did not have a laugh track in the background and not much music to go with the show. I did not find it interesting and I do not think that I will watch it again.

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