jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

Tuesday November 1 – Rome, Italy

                We were up late and got up to get our train at 8:20 but we were dead beat tired. I was in a position that both of my arms were completely asleep when the alarm went off and I could not move them to get the alarm off so I had to get out of bed and literally fling my arm at the alarm which knocked it off the stand and I made more noise in the process of getting it off than it was making in the first place I am pretty sure. For breakfast we had tea and many chocolate things, such as chocolate pie and their version of a Ho-Ho. We drove to pick up Michele and when he came to the car so did his Grandpa just to say good bye and that we needed to stay in touch, he was very nice. Eliana, Valeria, Michele and his dad went to the train station to send us off.
                Our train to Rome was a crappy one but it was great because it only cost 15 Euros. Our hostel was The Ciak hostel, spelled like that, and it was the easiest to find out of all the hostels, we did not get lost and we did not have to take a taxi. After we checked in we went back to the metro and there was a nice lady that helped us out to find which metro and which stops we need to get to where we were going. We bought a sightseeing hop on-hop off bus ticket and went to the Coliseum and got a tour which included a picture with a gladiator. The guide that we had was very good and kept my attention very easily. After we got back on the tour bus and sat up top but it got dark quickly and air became cold especially on top of a moving bus. We went back to our hostel to get Adam’s jacket and we met our roommates for the night, two were Asian and one was from Asian decent but was born in Massachusetts. We then ate at a chain restaurant I think, or at least it appeared that way. We then walked around and saw the Pantheon at night, which is a lot bigger than I thought it was. While walking back a Smart Car was stuck between two cars and two girls needed to leave so there were five or six guys that moved it by bouncing it. We quietly got in and ready for bed since our roommates were sleeping when we got back.

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