miércoles, 23 de noviembre de 2011

Sunday November 20 – Leaving Barcelona/ Election Day

                This morning all five of our alarms went off at different times as well as one of the other guy’s that was staying in our room. I think we upset the two other girls that were staying there because of all our alarms going off, the guy did not even mean to have his alarm on and his went off the longest. Nothing went wrong on our trip back to Granada except when we got to Malaga’s airport the shuttle was on a 20 minute break and we had 30 to get to the station so we had to get a taxi and they all were four people taxis but one guy said he would take us all, other than that it went well.
                Today was Spain’s presidential elections and El Partido Popular (Popular Party) won with their candidate Mariano Rajoy. I believe that they are the more conservative party because the other one is a socialist party. I also learned that they do not directly vote for the president here, they vote for senators and whichever party has the most senators, their candidate wins. On a side note, I also learned from my host mom that it is obligatory to vote in Argentina, if they do not they have to have a justification as to why they did not.

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