miércoles, 16 de noviembre de 2011

Monday November 14 – Haircut/ Second Sister and BF Are Home

                My hair was too long for my liking so I decided to get it cut; the problem was I was not sure which one was a good one to go to. My host mom told me where a bunch of them were and I could decide from there. They were a couple very close to my house about a minute or less walk. I walked into one and the lady said I needed to have an appointment. Then the second one I found was called “De Cliént” and there were two guys that were the hair stylists and they said that they could cut my hair for 10 Euros. I was really nervous that he would not be able to cut it like Deb, my regular stylist, does. He started by shampooing my hair and then started cutting after slightly drying. He did it in a different way than I was used to and that made me a little nervous but he only took off a little and then asked what he needed to do. At first he had it in a style that was short on the sides and long on top; the style here for guys is to have short sides and a fo-hawk on top like Cristiano Ronaldo. I asked him to take more off the top and from my bangs and he also thinned my hair out. The stylist was very particular about what he was doing so that was nice. We talked about where I was from and he said that he wanted to come to America and that they rest of his family was there, I think that what was stopping him was the fact that he had a peluquria (hair stylist shop). After he shampooed my hair again and dried it, I liked the hair cut he gave me, it looks good I think but is not Deb’s hair cut. I also now think I need to have people shampoo my hair because that felt really good.
                Cristiana’s daughter and boyfriend, who is Roman, are home. I am not sure for how long or what their names are yet but they are both really nice from what I can tell from the two minutes that I talked to them in the kitchen after I got back from my hair cut.

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