domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2011

Thursday November 17 – Flight to Barcelona/ Midterm #5

                I got back my civilization and culture of Spain test today and I got 6.75 out of 10, that seemed to be about the average for the test from what other people were telling me. Then he said that tomorrow’s class was going to be very hard and that we should not be missing it but there were some other students besides me that are going on trips that leave this evening so he told us that we could make it up the next class. Next class was my varieties of Spanish class, my most hated class that I have EVER taken in my life! Today was our midterm and we also found out that it does not count in our grade unless it helps us on our final grade which I am not sure what that means because he is a terrible teacher and never explains anything and makes you feel stupid if you do not understand, he looks like Mr. Feeney from Boy Meets World only mean and angry at the world. I think everyone had no idea what they were doing, most of us finished in about an hour or an hour and a half. I also think that most people did not really try and gave up because it was too hard and we did not know what we were doing.
                I went to Barcelona with Derick, Katie Stohs, Liz, and Karina, and the trip there went very smoothly. The bus from the airport dropped us of at Plaza Cataluyna near our hostel, Itaca, where there happened to be a protest but nothing got out of hand. Our hostel was amazing, very clean, well designed, and centrally located. We ate at Big J’s Burgers it was an American burger joint styled like the 50’s; we went there because our hostel gave us a coupon to that restaurant for a free milkshake. After we ate we walked around and Barcelona has a lot of guys on the street trying to sell you a can of beer, it is different than the others trying to sell lame toys. We went to buy some food at a grocery store to get some food for the morning and there was a guy outside that the girls started talking with a guy outside about some phrases that we had on the back of our maps and he said some of them were Catalan but others were not.  There were really weird phrases like “I want to be your dog” and “The sand feels good in between my toes.”

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