lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2011

Sunday November 27 – Leaving Paris

                In the morning Scott, Valarie, Samantha, and I went to the Basílica Sacré Coer, the cool church that overlooks the city that my family and I went to four years ago. The inside is very pretty and there was even a service going on while we were inside, they had a lot of pretty stained glass there. Scott wanted to see this church’s catacombs so Samantha went with him and Valarie did not really want to go so I walked around with her while the other two paid to go inside the catacombs. On our walk we found a tiny but pretty park and just outside the gates it looked like there was a professional French film being made so we watched that scene they were doing for awhile.
                We all met up again and headed back and got crepes again, this time I just got one with chocolate. When we were getting ready to go Kevin discovered that his passport was no longer with him. Luckily, API always carries a copy of everyone’s passport with them and he was able to get his boarding pass. Even more luckily, they went to the lost and found at the airport and his passport was there. He had left his passport on the plane when he got off it the first time and they brought it there so everything turned out well. We landed in Sevilla and took a bus to Granada, on the way I introduced Trevor to many different country artists and I think that he truly likes quite a few songs of country now; I also found out that there were about another four girls that like country music in our API group. This trip I only spent about 46.50 Euros.

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