jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

Wednesday November 2 – Rome, Italy Day 2/ Fourth Day of Rain in Spain

                Our hostel had breakfast; it was ordinary cereal and some pastries after we also had to wash our own dishes. We visited the Vatican and I sent a postcard from there, then we took our tour bus to Trevi Fountain and made a wish there.  When looking for a shot glass I spoke Spanish and one of the guys thought that I was from Argentina, which made me feel good that I sound like I am from a Spanish speaking country when I speak Spanish. Next we went to the Spanish Steps which were really pretty and on the way we got our last gelato. We tried to find the bus that took us to Campino Airport, but with only an hour and a half until our flight we gave up and got a taxi, it was a 30 plus minute ride and a 30 Euro ride. We got through the long line and I got to take my carry-on bag with me without paying 40 Euros this time, I think it is because there was some type argument in front of me so the attendants were flustered and did not look at my bag. We got back to Sevilla and it was raining and we made the bus and got to Granada at 11:00 and I got to bed at around 2:30 because I was unpacking and organizing my items. The total trip for six days cost about 630 Euros or about $875. Overall a great trip, although I wish I could have spent more time in Venice and Ancona.

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