miércoles, 23 de noviembre de 2011

Wednesday November 23 – Volunteering in Almanjáyar

                The presentation in my POE class I believe went well. She said I did a good job autocorrecting, like when I messed up I went back and made it right when I was speaking. Then I took a 30 minute bus ride to the barrio Almanjáyar, the poor barrio where the gitanos (gypsies) live. Carrie and I went to an after school thing for children where they go for an hour and a half to do homework and learn different culture things. The first group, kids from 8 and under, was leaving when we arrived and we were going to work with the second group which was kids from 9 to 13. They were the worst group of kids that I have ever encountered. They were always yelling and they never listened to the two main ladies when they talked. The kids were very offensive; they knew many sexual things and words and were doing inappropriate gestures and asking many inappropriate questions. The two main ladies either did not hear them or ignored them. The two main ladies always threatened the kids that they would punish them but they never did. One boy was especially rowdy and was sent home, which I guess is like the worst punishment but I do not think that he cared at all.

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