jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

Sunday October 30 – Ancona, Italy

                We were able to get up a little later because the cheap train was at a little later time. The greatest thing happened when they served us eggs for breakfast, yet just another small thing that I miss. We tried again to find a bus to the train station but failed to do so, therefore we had to take a taxi from near our hostel and it only cost 10 Euros, five Euros each, so we got ripped off by that not taxi guy that we used the first day we got to Milan. We arrived to the station 30 minutes early and the train to Ancona took four hours. We were greeted by Michele, Valeria, and Michele’s dad; we ate lunch at Michele’s mom’s house. Michele lives with his mom, little brother named Erik, and his mom’s parents; his parents are either divorced or just separated but I think that they still have a friendly relationship because his dad ate with us in his mom’s house. The homemade Italian food was great, his grandma was very nice as well as his mom, his grandpa was nice and a little goofy and always talked about how he liked President Barack Obama, and his brother who is 13 spoke Spanish pretty well.
                After lunch we walked around a park that was not much older than 10 years said Michele, he also told us that Ancona was built around 1,000 B.C. and was the first town bombed in World War II. His dad drove us to a more centered area where we met up with some more of my friends from Ancona, such as Alessandro. We walked to a church on a hill were you can see the sun set and the sun rise on the ocean apparently it is the only place in the world that this happens because Ancona is the elbow of Italy which means it sticks out in the ocean that you can see both east and west. Next we walked to the light house and then took a different path down that led us to gates of an educational building but the problem was that we were on the wrong side of the gate and did not get out but Alessandro found a place where we could easily get over. We stopped at a restaurant for gelato and the proportions that they gave us were gigantic and two my girl friends from Ancona paid for Adam and my gelato. For dinner Alessandro, Michele, Michele’s dad and brother, Adam and I went to a pizza shop that was owned by Michele’s older brother, the pizza was great, the name was something like the drunken man but had a crazy green ant looking thing for its mascot.
                One of Michele and Alessandro’s friends was having their 18th birthday so we were told to come along; a random fact is the color of the 18th birthday in Italy is green. The birthday girl Guila was very friendly and told Adam and me that we had to go and talk very fast English to some of her friends that spoke very good English but not good enough to keep up with up. I think we scared some of her friends but I also think that they were excited that there were Americans there because from that point we were surrounded by them. They wanted me to teach them how to dance like we do in America and I told them I would teach them how to swing, unfortunately I never got around to it because they music was not good for swing dancing. On the other hand I did teach them the electric slide, it took them awhile to get it but they got it. Next there were games for the birthday girl, one the guys lined up and she had to touch you blind folded and figure out who you were, one they put silly prizes in a gross goopy mixture that she had to get out blind folded, one she had to dance to the Thriller video and they held up signs like what happens in Dance, Dance Revolution, one they had “zombies” walk around with bags and she had to toss items into the bags, one all the girls blew up balloons and the birthday girl blew one up with a penis whistle and all the balloons had penises on them, yeah I thought that was weird for an 18 year old birthday party, then she had to pop them while laying on the ground and wrapped in up so she could not move her arms or legs. The cake was not like our birthday cake, it was more like cream and wafers with chocolate and frosting on top, but it was still good. Adam and I slept at Michele’s dad’s house which was outside of town about 10 or 15 minutes. There was a queen sized bed for us and it was a pretty big house.  He gave us a tiny glass of lemon liquor to sleep, he also did not speak Spanish or English, but this is where I found out that I can understand a good deal of Italian when they speak slowly and clearly because Michele stays at his mom’s house therefore we did not have a translator. I am very happy that I am learning Spanish because I can understand Italian, who would have thought?

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