jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

Saturday October 29 – Milan, Italy

                The train left Venice for Milan at 6:58; it was a very foggy morning. I was pretty excited to take a train because I have never done that before, it was a nice train. When we arrived in Milano Centrale, the train station, we bought our ticket for Ancona and then continued to look for our hostel, again we had no idea how the bus system worked so we took a taxi, only this guy was not an actual taxi driver but we did not know that until we got to is tiny, old car, he said that it would cost 20 Euros, 10 Euros each to get to our hostel, that did not seem bad so we took it. He got us to our hostel called American Hotel. The hostel was owned by an Asian lady who was very nice and made sure we had everything we wanted and needed. She even got us tea, bread, and fruit even though it was past breakfast time.
We then walked to the Duomo which is the biggest Gothic style church in the world, it was very cool but it was slightly weird when they had their former priests in glass coffins, rotting in front to the public. They priests that were “newly” dead had silver colored masks over their faces so we could not see them rotting. That part freaked me out to see dead people, partially rotted people in glass encasements. From there we walked around and found some of the high priced stores such as Prada and Gucchi, we also saw some sights whose names I do not recall but were fairly interesting. Milan also had elephant statues, like the artistic kind like Lawrence, Kansas has those Jayhawks all around or like Lincoln, Nebraska has those bikes. We discovered that it is easy to go around in circles in Milan because we did just that when looking for the museum that had Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” when we got there it was sold out for viewings for that day, you need to get a booking to see it very far in advance.
                While walking back from that museum we came across a world’s fair with flags from different countries which led us to Milan’s castle which led us to a Celtic festival which led us to Parco Sempione, a very big park. I was so happy to see the park because there was so much grass and the leaves were turning colors and falling, I miss grass and falling leaves so much! It was very dark by the time we left the park and we decided that we should go see what the sights look like at night since everything else is closed at night. After we were hungry around 8:30 but could not find any restaurants open, we finally found one and I ordered something with mozzarella but was thinking that it would be melted but I forgot that they usually do not melt their cheese in Italy. When we walked to the hostel we got slightly lost again but made it back safely.

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