sábado, 17 de diciembre de 2011

Friday December 16 – Finals Day 2/ API Farewell Dinner

                I had my 20th Century Spanish Literature final today, it was pretty easy, we had 10 short answer questions then an analysis of a text that we had done in class. API had their farewell dinner for all the students in the group and we ate at a vegetarian restaurant that was not very tasty. Trevor arrived having had a few drinks before hand, he was pretty funny because we could not order alcoholic drinks while we were with API but he tried many times to convince the waiter to let him have one. She did not give in of course because she obviously did not want to get in trouble. Two girls made a thing where everyone voted for best or most likely someone. One category was cutest couple, Scott and I got second place to Katie S and Derick.
                After dinner we all wanted to go out together. We went to Rachel S’ terrace of her residencia to drink, Scott and I split a bottle of nine Euro rum which tasted terrible. Then Rachel S’ Spanish floormates invited us down to drink with them so we did and we got to speak Spanish but they knew English pretty well so they wanted to practice English as well. It was really fun then around 2:30 we went to Camborio and had a good time, I did not get home until 7:30, and Kevin still was out later than me. I do not think I will ever be out later than him.

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