sábado, 10 de diciembre de 2011

Friday December 9 – El Parque de las Ciencias

                Matt, Katie M, and I went to El Parque de las Ciencias (Science Park).  I was told it was one of the must see sights of Granada and it was pretty fun, although not as fun as I expected. We went to the outside part first because it was a nice day. There was a mind maze but there was not much to it. We went to an environment exhibit but was rather bland especially since there were not very good animals that were stuffed. Next we went to a birds of prey show that was cool; they had a hawk and an eagle. They have a watch tower that you can go to the top of and see all around the city and to the Sierra Nevadas. There was a tiny hedge maze, a ball maze where you put a ball on a ramp and it went different places but it did not work very well, and there was a solar powered fountain that if the panel was moved from the direction of the sun it would produce less water. Inside there was a body exhibit and that was very cool and my favorite part. There was also an exhibit of geometry art that gave me a headache from looking at but was also very cool. Also, there was an exhibit of accidents but half the hands on things were not working. After that there was an exhibit of Andalucia, the area that Granada is in, and of its roots.  It took a good four hours just to go through everything at a decent pace.

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