jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2011

Saturday December 10 – Full Lunar Eclipse/ Real Madrid vs. Barcelona

                Last night I got 10 hours of deep sleep, I am starting to get used to not having Kevin here, he is in Moracco for the week, and I have not been woken up from his noise making. I also watched a full lunar eclipse for three hours online since it was not visible in Europe or eastern USA because it was day time or too light out. I sent Chelsea a text about the eclipse and she said she was checking the time right when it got to her so she got up and watched the moon until it went below the horizon. She said that she could see the start of it but it was below the horizon before it started to change to red. In the evening I walked around with Courtney for souvenirs but I did not get any because I have nearly all of mine.
                I watch the Real Madrid versus Barcelona game with Real Madrid being home, this game is called El Clasico (The Classic). I watched it with my host mom, two sisters, and boyfriend. Real Madrid plays very dirty and Barcelona plays great together. Barcelona won three to one, Barcelona’s scorers were Alexis Sánchez in the 30th minute, Xavi in the 53rd minute, and Cesc Fábregas in the 66th minute. Real Madrid’s lone goal came from Karim Benzema only 24 seconds after the game began. It was a fun game to watch even though Real Madrid played very dirty especially when losing. I am forever a Barcelona fan now.

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