jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2011

Monday December 12 – Walking Around Granada

                I could not sleep last night because I think I got too much sleep the past couple of nights. I laid in my bed trying to sleep at 11:00 and then Kevin got back at 12:30 so that woke me up some more. My host family had guests over and they were there until 1:00 and they were really loud so that kept me up. After they left, my host family kept talking until about 1:30 and I was still awake at 2:00, which was the last time that I checked on my alarm.
                I was supposed to volunteer at Almanjáyar today but Carrie could not go and I forgot which bus to take and I only had a 20 Euro bill and the biggest the buses take are 10 Euro bills so I decided to walk around. Oddly enough Avril saw me and so we went shopping for her family and it was fun. I had not seen her for awhile so that was good as well. We went to a churriaria, a place that makes churros (fried sticks of batter), and hot chocolate, this was literally hot melted chocolate in a cup. You eat the churros with the hot chocolate and it is really good, unfortunately it was a lot of chocolate and there were five churros which is a lot. I did not want to eat it all and I tried to get Avril to help but she only did a small bit. She got tea, which she loves since she is Irish, and I ate the rest of the churros. After that we walked around some more to look at stores and lights. She said that her host mom did not make enough food so she needed to buy food for when she was hungry so we did that too.
                My oldest host sister’s boyfriend cooked dinner tonight and it was amazing. The best pasta that I have ever had, I am not sure what was in it but it was good. There was typical Roman cheese that he brought for the pasta. There was also a great salad with tuna. Tonight on El hormiguero (Anthill), basically the Spanish Late Show, Tom Cruise was the guest and was pretty interesting.

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