domingo, 4 de diciembre de 2011

Wednesday November 30 – Volunteering Again in Almanjáyar

                Today has been a good day, the two classes that I had we watched movies and I thought that both were good. I had my iPod with me and Katie M took it when I was searching for a song and she put the song on that I was looking for, Just the Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra, and we had a good laugh because it was not on the screen when she took it. Also walking home from class it just felt like a good day and walking through the streets of Granada listening to Frank Sinatra makes me feel like I am in a movie.
                I volunteered again in Almanjáyar and again the kids were just as bad as the first time. All of them were yelling, hitting, and disrespecting everyone.  I also found out that I forgot how to do long division and multiplication but then I remembered after someone reminded me. Whitney and I worked on our presentation over Galicia at Burger King after dinner for a bit and then I got to bed as soon as I could, which was around 1:00.

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