domingo, 4 de diciembre de 2011

Friday December 2 – Baños Árabes

                Today I went with Rachel G, Whitney, and Elizabeth to los baños árabes (Arabic baths) where we got to go in waters of different temperatures, a steam room for an hour and a half and a 15 minute massage for only 22 Euros. There were three pools of water, cold, warm, and hot. We were supposed to go from warm to hot to cold to the steam room and then repeat. Going from the hot pool to the cold pool was kind of hard but if you went quickly it was not that bad, and when you got to the steam room it was super relaxing. They served us delicious tea and the massage was great but went too fast, it did not seem like 15 minutes. I felt so relaxed for a long time and had a time wanting to do anything because I was so relaxed. I mainly sat in front of the television and watched American shows dubbed in Spanish.

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