lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2011

Sunday December 18 – Walk with Bamirse/ Party at Hannigan and Son’s

                The meals at our house have been getting weird lately. Now instead of the Americans eating first and then the family only at dinner, it is now at dinner and lunch. We are eating a lot earlier than normal and then the family eats at about the same time we usually did. Also there is a lot less food than normal. I do not know if it is because they are tired of us or if they are trying to prepare us for eating times back in the USA or for another reason but I do not like it.
                I went on a walk with Bamirse who I used to hang out with quite a bit but then had not seen in awhile. We did a walk along the river, took pictures, ate roasted chestnuts, candy, and chocolate milk, watched a street performer, and also looked at Christmas shops. We also talked and I learned that she was born in Albania, speaks Albanian, and is Muslim; she is a very interesting girl. I can already tell I am getting sad to leave these people behind because I was not sure if that was the last time that I was going to get to see her and I was extremely sad thinking about that. After I dropped her off at her house I went to Hannigan and Son’s because API was having a get together there. I only stayed a little while so I could come back and study for a bit and eat dinner. I went back to Hannigan and Son’s after dinner, stayed until 1:00 and then walked Samantha and Rachel W back to their apartment since Monday is Samantha’s last day in Granada, the sad goodbyes begin.

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