martes, 20 de diciembre de 2011

Monday December 19 – Finals Day 3

                Today was the POE final that I did not study hardly at all for because I thought was going to be easy and I thought it was easy. All of today I keep thinking that I have one more time of everything, one more final, one more lunch, one more dinner, one more day or even worse, I am always having to check when I see people if it is the last time that I will see them. This is not fun at all, I do not want to leave or have anyone else leave.
                I went to say goodbye to my API leaders today at their office and they gave me some traditional Christmas candy. I also went to the bar called La bella y la bestia (The Beauty and the Beast) to have tapas and say goodbye to Sander and three of my Irish friends that had not left yet, Áine, Alana, and Caoihme. I am getting in to a depressed state especially since Ryan made a video of all that we have done here and posted it on Facebook so everyone could watch it.
                After dinner there were various groups at various bars to say goodbye to different people so I went to as many bars as I could and did not go to sleep until 3:00.

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