sábado, 10 de diciembre de 2011

Wednesday December 7 – Volunteering in Almanjáyar #3

                Carrie and I went to Almanjáyar again to volunteer to help again. When we were waiting outside a random dirty and few toothed man came up to Carrie and started rubbing his bald head on her shoulder and held her arm, I cut in and then he left. The kids were better today, but there were only six and they were all girls; when I say better I mean for them, they were still by far the worst behaved kids I have ever been around ever! One girl had a huge black eye with scrapes around that same eye and her eye had a popped blood vain because it was bright red in part of it. We made paper Christmas trees and they were just crazy and yelling, but I was able to understand their strong accent better today.
                After volunteering I went to the post office to send a letter to API in Texas about wanting more transcripts and while doing that there was a procession for Mary because tomorrow is a celebration of the Immaculate Conception.

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