sábado, 10 de diciembre de 2011

Monday December 5 – Adam’s Birthday Celebration

                Adam’s birthday is actually December 6 but he is going to London tomorrow so he wanted to celebrate it with us this night. First, we went to Chile Grande a Mexican restaurant, but I did not get a burrito because I want to wait two more weeks until I am back in the USA. The Mexican food here is very bland and not very good but it was not terrible either; I just would not eat it again. We all got a free round of shots for Adam’s birthday and he got fried ice cream. Next we went to a bar that was supposed to have free salsa lessons but this was the first Monday that they decided to do that so the instructor did not even come and there was no one else. Trevor bought Adam a bottle of wine for his birthday but did not a have a bottle opener and Matt bought Adam a bottle of wine as well and we were really close to where I lived and I knew Cristina would not mind if we came over to open them. When we arrived I asked for a bottle opener and she thought I was alone and thought that it was weird that I was asking for one alone. Then she came around the corner and saw them and laughed and brought out a bottle of champagne for us. We drank those in the house and then they all went to Hannigan and Son’s while Rachel S and I went to her residencia (dorm) to get keys from her roommate because she lost hers the other day. We made it to the bar and there were more of our friends there and we had a great time. We ended up going to Granada 10 because we got free passes from the bartender and we stayed there a while because I ended up going to bed at 7:00, a new record.

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