lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2011

Saturday December 17 – Fun at Granada 10

                I slept most of today because I was so tired from yesterday. Kevin and I went to drink at Trevor and Jon’s residencia and Kathryn and Katie M were there too. We knew a group of us were going to Granada 10 so we went there and it was the first time in Granada that I felt it was really cold outside. It was a really fun time. Also I saw Jazmin and her friends there who are all 16 and you need to be 18 to get in but that is what happens when they do not check ID’s ever. She and her friends were excited to see Kevin and me there and they were all making sure that we were not going to tell Cristina. It was more funny when I was walking some of my friends home who live near me and we ran into Jazmin and her friends again who were walking around outside. She asked for the keys to get in and unlocked the door and brought the keys back to me. They were still making sure I was not going to tell anyone what they were doing. When I got back from dropping off my friends, Jazmin and her friends were sitting in the first floor area on the ground. They once again made sure that I was not going to tell anyone that they were there. I asked what they were doing since it was now 6:45 in the morning, they said they were waiting to go get churros. I am not fully sure but I think they all told their parents they were staying at different houses. I stayed and talked with them until they all cuddled together to sleep for a tiny bit.
                Finally, on the last night I was up later that Kevin! When I got back to the room he was laying in bed with headphones in, glasses on and computer open to facebook but asleep. I tried to wake him up so his stuff did not fall. I started out softly and then started poking him pretty hard, after not waking up still I grabbed his arm and shook it around, still no movement. Next I threw his arm against him pillow several times but nothing. I decided since he was not going to wake up that I would put his stuff away for him. It was a pretty amazing night.

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