lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

Friday September 16 – Tennis/Class Tapas

                After class I played tennis with Trevor, he is pretty darn good. We had to hop some fences to get to the courts because everything was locked up for siesta time (nap time).  I brought a racquet that I normally do not play with and is not top heavy like I like and I forgot a dampner for the strings, so I used his extra racquet which was like mine until I broke the strings. I am always surprised how much of a difference a racquet makes in your game because I was playing horribly with the racquet I brought and only slightly better with his racquet. We played for over an hour and a half until Trevor got a blister on his hand.
                At 9:00 I met up with classmates to go eat tapas at different bars. There were two Australian girls and one Australian guy, a girl from another small country, a guy from Holland and a guy from Canada, and five or six Americans. I love being around people from different countries because I find their cultures very interesting. We went to three places to eat tapas, it was a good time. I hope to do that again soon.

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