viernes, 9 de septiembre de 2011

Thursday September 8 – Mountain Run

                In the evening I went on a run up the Albycin, to the barrio Sacramonte and into the mountains with my friend Val. It was so cool we ran so far and then we were able to see the sunset and the Alhambra was lit up when we were on our way back. During the run we got a pomegranate, Granada in Spanish, and ate it. I have never ate a pomegranate before but there are a lot of seed that have juice packets around them and I guess you suck on the seeds then spit them out when the juice is gone. There was also another fruit that we ate that looked like a lime, but when you open it up it is very strangley, with red color in the middle then turns clear. It tasted slightly like a kiwi, the only reason I knew we could eat it was because I saw a girl in my class eat one. Also on our run there were many stray dogs they all were friendly, the mean ones were all behind a fence so those ones do not really count as stray. Val got stung by a bee or bit by a horse fly on her stomach we could not tell what it was. She said it hurt and then it got tangled in her hair for awhile. She did not have an allergic reaction. We got back into Granada just as it was getting dark.
                That night a few of us went to Los Italianos for ice cream. I got a cassata, which I think is their version of ice cream cake because it was served like a slice of cake but the put it in a cone. We sat at a Christopher Columbus statue and ate the ice cream and talked and then I got back home around 2:00.

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