domingo, 25 de septiembre de 2011

Sunday September 25 – Salobreña Beach

                My ankle has fully recovered. I ran on it a little today and I walk normally, there is no pain, nor stiffness in my ankle.               
It was a last second decision of mine to go to the beach with my Irish friends. They got to the bus station before me because I was behind. To make things worse, I took the wrong bus to get to the bus station so I missed the bus that they were on to go to the beach. Salobreña is about an hour away and I had to wait another hour for the next bus to come. I was proud of myself that I was able to figure it all out by myself.
                There were other groups that were walking to the beach and there were two German girls that I talked in Spanish, I was so excited that I was using my Spanish to communicate with others from non Spanish speaking countries. When I arrived to the beach at about 4:30, I found them quickly. The sand was more like little stones there and the water got very deep very quickly. There was a tiny mountain that went it to the ocean that had many cliffs on it. The tallest cliff was about 75 to 100 feet in the air and people were jumping off it. I wanted to so badly but could not make myself do it because it was a long ways from the beach and I am not a great swimmer and cannot swim for long distances. Although I did jump off another cliff that was about fifteen feet high, the water was so deep and there were no rocks around, so I felt safe. It was a cliff closer to shore and the water was warm. I practiced my swimming and I am getting better. We took the last bus at 8:15 and it was a full bus. All the Irish got sunburned, they were jealous of my tan even though it is not the darkest I have been. Alana I felt bad for because she had a bad sunburn on all the backside of her legs. Caoihme and I on the bus ride back had a very good conversation about Irish and American things, it was very interesting and fun.

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