lunes, 5 de septiembre de 2011

Friday September 2 – First Day of Class

                Today since I had night class I slept in but met at the university to see if I could get into level six because I need to be in level seven after this month of intensive language to be in Hispanic Studies. I did not find this out until last night, so naturally I was concerned. I went there and there were other API students who wanted to go another level up to but the head people did not want to do that for them so I was even more worried. Then it was my turn, and it turns out that I am already in level six although the lady yesterday said that I was in level five. So all is well now because I am in level six of nine and I will be in level seven after this month assuming I pass and then I will be able to do the Hispanic Studies program.
                I had my first class in Spain at 4:00 and it was a two hour class with one teacher and then a break with then another two hour class with another teacher. There were eight of us in the class and each of us had a presentation of ourselves. Something cool happened when I was presenting, I started a rant about how the cornhuskers are mean to me and then I started talking without thinking of how to translate in my head and did very well. It was the first time that it had happened to me, I was so excited. Maybe the cornhuskers being mean has helped?
                In between classes we went to a bar for 20 minutes because we had time and they were selling a beer with three tapas for only 1.70 Euros. So we had a beer with wings, small sandwiches, potatoes with what tasted like wing sauce, sardines, and some free bread. The sardines I thought would be bad but they had lots of lemon on them so I liked them.
                We had fried fish for dinner and then we went out and had a beer and then went to a chupiteria (a shot bar) where there were shots for one Euro. We then went to club Kapital, it was fun but not as fun as Pacha in Madrid although we did not get home until 6:30.

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