lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

Saturday September 17 – San Jose/ Cabo de gato

                We left Granada on a charter bus at 9:30 and got to San Jose, a small town, at about 12:00. From there we checked into our hostel and started walking to Cabo de gato, a small beach. It was a twenty minute hike that had cacti and trees up until about 50 feet from the beach. The water was clear and warmer than I thought and there were a lot of nude people, more than I wanted to see. A select few from our group thought they would join in that as well, I was not one of them. In the water I could see my feet when I was up to my chest, I have never seen that clear of water in a natural setting. Adam and I went on a hike on a mountain that was right next to the ocean to see if there were any places that we could jump in but everything was way too shallow so we just climbed up and down some rocks. There were some very beautiful places to walk around next to the ocean where we hiked. On our way back to the group on the beach I grabbed some cactus fruit to try, I picked it and opened it without problems, but when I went to eat it I accidentally got too close to the skin and so I had some tiny prickles in my lip. The fruit tasted great though, but it had a lot of seeds. We stayed for about six hours then went to the hostel to shower and go eat.
Adam, Trevor, and I ate at a restaurant right next to the ocean; we had croquetas, bread and paia. Afterwards, Kevin and my room was randomly selected as the party room, there were about 15 in the room. Later we decided we would walk to the beach that was in the town and just hang out there; it was very cool to see the ocean at night.

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