jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2011

Monday September 12 – Frisbee then Italians

                I went to class this morning like usual, and then at 5:00 API had a meeting at CLM about next month’s class schedule. Some of us went and bought gelado at a very good, but not fancy, store. After we ate the gelado Trevor, Adam, Katheryn Roberson, Katie McMullen, and I went to the campus “rec” area, more of a place with lots of space to do different sports, to play Frisbee. I am starting to get good but Trevor is absolutely the best person I have seen with a Frisbee before. We all got tired so we met up with Parker and Melissa and walked around for awhile.
                After dinner the Italians, Kevin and I went for a drink at the bar Catedral. The Italians usually consist of Alessandro and Michele, my roommates; as well as three girls Serena, Cecilia, and Tiziana. We asked a guy speaking English to take our picture; he had an American accent but was from Morocco, and studied in California. Kevin went to a pub at 12:30 with some other API people to watch Monday Night Football, Patriots and Dolphins, I was supposed to go but I decided to walk with the Italians more; while walking back the Italian girls I got tired and said I would just go to bed. Now I am sitting in bed and writing about my day at 1:30 in the morning.

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