jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2011

Saturday September 10 – Night with Lots of Italians

                A few of us went to a pub to watch the Barcelona game, they also had the Manchester United game on and for a little bit they had Wisconsin versus Oregon State but it was a blow out so they changed it. They also had the US Open semifinals of Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer and the Real Madrid game was on. One thing I miss about the US besides friends and family is being able to watch tv episodes and sports for free online, because I miss watching American football and the US Open is on and I have missed almost every second of it because it is not readily available here.
                That evening Kevin and I went with our Italians roommates to hang out with their group of friends. It was so cool! They all spoke English and they were all really nice, I was happy just listening to them speak to each other in Italian because it sounds so pretty and I love the voice fluctuations when they speak. We went to the Botellón, it was their first time there but they were not enjoying it as much as we did last night so we walked around. Some of them knew that Nebraska was in the center of the US, I am so amazed about how much they all knew about American culture and yet they have never been. My Italian roommate Alex said that I can brag in to the US that I have kissed a bunch of Italians girls, because I technically have because of the European greeting of a kiss on each cheek. I am working up my comfort level to greet guys the same way because guys greet each other that way too I am just not used to it yet. I think American should start using the kissing greet because it seems more friendly than a handshake.

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