jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2011

Sunday September 11 – Mountain Climb 2

                Adam, Parker, Rachel Sabes, Trevor, Matt, Allyson and I did a hike. We crossed the river where Val and I had found it when we went running through Sacramonte. It was another long and beautiful hike to the top only this time it was on trails. When we got to the top there was a park with fire places, benches and tables, a small playground and even a paved road for cars to take back to the city. We played some Frisbee and took pictures on the play ground; the fun pictures were of us jumping of swings except for our hips were too big and they caused welts and bruises on them.
                We decided we should take the road back because we thought it would be faster, but it turned out that it took a lot longer because it was a long and winding road. We took some short cuts and found some caves. The caves were actually pretty big and deep, I was a little worried of what might be in there but there was nothing. As we continued our journey we became thirsty because we ran out of water so we found a store on our way back that sold Gatorade and Powerade, I was so happy since I had not had it in a long time. The trip took us right past the Alhambra, just seeing the outside was really cool, and we eventually ended back in Granada on a main road.
                I went out with the Italians after dinner for a drink, I love spending time with all of them, they are a lot of fun. I am starting to be able to understand partially what they are saying in Italian since many words in Spanish are the same. They are teaching Italian and they say I must visit them in Ancona, their city, before I leave Spanish. The next language I want to learn, if I can ever figure out Spanish, is Italian.

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