domingo, 25 de septiembre de 2011

Thursday September 22 – Rolled Ankle/ Karaoke/ More Irish Friends

                Today I went to play soccer again with people from my class this time, some of the little kids from last time were there too again. As usual it was a lot of fun until I rolled my ankle. I jabbed for the ball and got it but my right foot got on top of the ball and rolled over, I think it went backwards and slightly to the side. Everyone said it looked painful and it was, so I just stayed and played goalie. The walk home was very painful but I made it and put ice on it.
                After dinner I went to Hannigan and Son’s Pub to sing Karaoke with the Irish, I already knew Alana, Áine, Laura, and Lisa, but then I met Avril and Caiomhe. Laura is the epitmoy of an Irish girl, pale skin, freckles and red hair. Alana is the most outgoing I believe and always ready for whatever. Áine and Lisa are very nice but are a little quieter than the first two. Avril looks like a model and is always making jokes. Caiomhe I am not sure how to describe yet. I had Magner’s which is an Irish cider and it was very good, I am slowly becoming Irish here. We sang “Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy and some Irish favorites that I just went along with and pretended like I knew what I was doing. The walk home was really bad for my ankle and when I got home at about 3:30 my foot was quite swollen.

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