viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2011

Tuesday September 20 – Last Night with the Italians

                The Italians, Kevin, and I went to Hannigan and Son’s Pub again for our last night together. It was a bunch of fun and I also sang Yesterday and Twist and Shout by The Beatles with a guy on the stage who played guitar, it felt good to sing again in front of people even though it was just messing around singing. The Irish were there too so I talked with them again and am learning Irish slang like: (I am not sure if this is spelled correctly) Ballocks! (Balls/Damn it!), Boot (Car Trunk), Having a crack (Having fun/ a laugh) and Session (Drinking time). My Irish friends say I sound like Hugh Grant when I say Ballocks so I am working on sounding more Irish and not British. The Italians were so much fun like usual and I was and am sad that they will not be around. I walked some of them home and then went back to the pub to talk with the Irish some more, we left and got Kabobs and ran into the owner of another pub called Paddy’s. The owner is from Ireland as well so he brought a bottle of Champagne to us and we drank it very inconspicuously since it is illegal to drink outside. Just another fun night.

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