lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

Sunday September 18 – Day at the Beach Again

                We all slept in and checked out and then went to the beach where we had gone the night before, the one in town. This water was more clear and warm than the other beach with less nudity. We could see fish and our feet when the water was to our shoulders. We played Frisbee and paddle ball and I ate some pizza for lunch. Around 6:30 we went back to the hostel because some of the people left their things there for the day and we swam in the pool they had and used rinse off showers that were next to the pool to get rid of the salt on us. The bus ride back to Granada was quite for most of it, so I just listened to country music which made me miss wide open grass fields. Kevin and I got back in time for dinner and I was going to go to bed right after that but it was a good time to Skype my family. It was good to see them and learn what was going on in their lives, but I did not get to bed until about 2:00.

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