jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2011

Tuesday September 13 – Visit to the Alhambra

                We had a substitute for my second class today because the normal teacher had to go and do paper work because the past couple days people stole stuff from her car then her house. The substitute was a little on the too hard side, but he got things done quickly and I learned quite a bit. I also learned that Tuesday the 13th is like our Friday the 13th in Spain and for the Italians it is Wednesday the 13th.
                At 4:30 our API group visited the Alhambra, it was the coolest castle I have ever seen. I cannot describe it justly, nor do pictures, you just have to visit yourself. Our guide was very informative and I wrote down some notes but do not remember exactly what they mean: 1) The Arabs believed in seven heavens, so I think that is where we get 7th heaven, I am not for sure on that. 2) An Arabic poet wrote that water is liquid silver because it is very invaluable, meaning all life needs it to survive.

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