jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2011

Friday September 9 – El Botellón and El Camborio

                In class today we played Spanish Taboo, I really want some games in Spanish like that, it makes the games that much harder. I also booked my weekend trip to Lagos, Portugal it cost 139 Euros plus 30 Euros for the bus ride from and to Granada. I do not know how my parents spend money on me because that was painful spending that much money at one time.
                In Granada it is not legal to drink outside but college students wanted to so Granada made a place for them to do that called el botellón. I think it is a plaza technically, but all that was there was a giant slab of cement and tons and tons of people! There were probably a couple thousand there just standing, sitting, talking, and drinking. It is a very interesting place I have never seen something like that before. Ryan had a Spanish friend there and he said that it was not packed at all because all the students that go to Granada are not back from vacation yet and he also said that during their spring break that a million people come there, literally a million because he said it is very hard to move at that time and there is people sitting on top of whatever they can. There is always police and ambulances right next to El Botellón just in case there is a fight or someone has too much to drink, but he said that it rarely, rarely happens.
                At about 2:00 we left for El Camborio, a discoteca in el barrio of Sacramonte where Adam, Parker, and I had the paia at the festival while climbing the mountains. This was a really cool place because it had a bunch of windows when you were dancing inside and a patio that you could go outside and have a non yelling conversation. The coolest part was the view, whether you were inside or outside the club you could see the Alhambra light up in the night. I ended up getting home at 7:00 but my roommate Kevin out did me and got home at 7:30.

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