jueves, 1 de septiembre de 2011

Sunday August 27 – Madrid Tour

                We left the hotel at 11:30 in the morning for the National Museum of Prado. Our guide was very good and made the art come to life. My favorite piece was “Las Meninas” by Vasquez, I had seen it in books but seeing it in person was amazing. The huge size of the painting with his use of light and depth made it seem like you could walk in the room with them, we passed it a couple times on the tour after that and I always stared at it.
 We ate an early Spanish lunch, which is late for Americans, at around 1:30 at a Mexican place. The food was not very good, Spaniards do not make good Mexican food. After lunch a small group walked to the park, it was big and had a place for rowing boats it was not a lake, more like a pool. The park was beautiful and very relaxing.
That evening we went to Madrid’s royal castle it was very extravagant like most castles. After the castle we had a meeting about arriving in Granada, but during the meeting there was a rally for something in the Spanish government walking in the street, so we stopped the meeting and watched from the balcony for awhile. We went to a bar that night and it was small but fun because there were a lot of people, lights, and loud music. We met a girl from England who was going to be in Granada starting this coming Friday for awhile.

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