jueves, 1 de septiembre de 2011

Monday August 28 – Toledo Tour/ Walk to REAL Madrid

                Adam, an awesome guy in our group, decided to stay out the whole night by himself he walked in the hotel while everyone was getting breakfast. He was going to be in for a long day. Toledo is an absolutely beautiful city, very hilly. There are known for their weapon makings, they have made swords for The Lord of the Rings and Conan movies. They had outside escalators to get to the top of the city although some of us took the stairs next to them. We then saw another castle and again it was very extravagant. We then had lunch and I ate deer and it was delicious. There was a homeless man that came into the restaurant, right up to our table and begged for money.
                We returned to Madrid early in the evening and I wanted to see REAL Madrid’s stadium which seemed fairly close to our hotel. So I got a group together and we started walking there, it took us over an hour and 15 minutes and we could not even see the inside because it cost 40 Euros. We walked to a bar for dinner and had a Spanish tortilla which is an omelet in America but again the food was delicious. That night we went to get a beer at a quiet bar, one guy recruited us and told us that the bar he worked for was very quiet in the third room, this was not so. It was very loud, so we bought a cheap beer and raced. I got third out of two guys and two girls, one of the girls one. We continued our search and found a nice quiet place outside, the beer was not as good and a little more expensive but it was worth it. It was nice just sitting outside and talking. On our way back we ran into some people from our group that were at a club so we talked with them and then headed to the hotel.

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