viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2011

Monday September 19 – Meeting Irish

                At class today my first teacher could tell I was tired, but she is really nice so she understands that people get tired sometimes. My second teacher is the tougher of the two but is still really nice. Although she makes me nervous that I am not going to pass her class, therefore I will not get into level seven or Hispanic studies, which I need in order to get credits for college.
                For lunch we had paia, I love that food. Our mom did not eat with us because she had to go to the police station because someone stole her wallet.
                At night Kevin and I went to Hannigan and Son’s Pub to hang out with the Italians. While there, I saw a kid from my class and he was with some of his roommates that were from Ireland so I got to know them. It is true, the stereotype, about how Irish love to drink, they drank a lot and we all decided that we would meet there tomorrow night, Italians, Americans, and Irish.

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